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zapptrack for business

● Provide live tracking information to your customers on a branded map. View a demo.

● Ideal for deliveries, house calls and engineer appointments.

● All you need is a Zapptrack account and an Android mobile phone.

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How It Works

Trackers can be created and managed from your Zapptrack for Business online account.
Here's how it works:

1. Create a Tracker

Enter your destination and intended arrival time. The system will create a time-limited tracking code that you can send to your customer.

2. Assign the Tracker to a Phone

Assign the tracker to your delivery driver or engineer. The tracker details are received by the Zapptrack app on their phone.

3. Tracking Starts Automatically

During the tracking period, the driver's phone sends its live location into the system. Tracking will stop when they arrive.

4. Live Location is shown on the Map

Your customers can view the live tracking map in a web browser on a PC, Mac, tablet or mobile. View a demo.

Try it out

Create an account to try Zapptrack for Business for free.

Install the Android app onto your phone from the Google Play Store.

Finally, generate an invitation code from within your Zapptrack for Business account and enter the code into the app. This will associate the phone with your account.

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