About Zapptrack for Business


zapptrack for business allows you to provide live "en route" tracking to your customers on a branded map, using an Android phone as the GPS tracker.

Example uses:

You can manage your appointments and assign them to your phones from within your zapptrack for business online account.

Live tracking

Each appointment you create has its own unique tracking code.

Therefore, the live location is shared on a one-off, temporary basis for each appointment. Once the tracking period has stopped, the live location is no longer visible to the customer.

Your customers can view the live tracking map using a web browser on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Your customer does not need to install an app.
The live tracking map shows the appointment details and is branded with your company logo. View a demo.

Automatic or manual operation

When you create an appointment, you can enable either automatic or manual tracking mode.

In automatic mode, the phone will wake up and start sending in its GPS location at the scheduled time without requiring any interaction from your driver.
In manual mode, the driver selects "Start tracking now" in the Zapptrack app to indicate they are on their way.

How does it work?

Here's the process:

  1. You create an appointment by entering the destination and appointment time.
  2. The system creates a unique six-character tracking code.
  3. You send the tracking code (and weblink) to your customer.
  4. You assign the appointment to one of your phones. The phone will act as a GPS tracker for the journey.
  5. In automatic mode, the app automatically starts sending its location shortly before the appointment time. In manual mode, the driver selects "Start tracking now" in the Zapptrack app to indicate they are on their way.
  6. During the journey, your customer can view the appointment details and live location on a map branded with your company logo.
  7. When your driver arrives, the tracking automatically stops.

Your online account

In your zapptrack for business account you can:

Try it out

You can try zapptrack for business for free! Here's how:

  1. Register for a Zapptrack for Business account. Your account will be allocated some free credits so you can try the system.
  2. Install the Zapptrack app on any phones you want to use as GPS trackers.
  3. Log in to your account.
  4. In your zapptrack for business account, click on 'My Phones' and 'Add Phone' to associate your phone(s) with your account.
  5. In your zapptrack for business account, create a new appointment (entering the destination and appointment time) and then assign it to one of your phones.
  6. Use the tracking code or weblink to view the tracking page in your web browser.
  7. Shortly before the appointment time, the assigned phone will start tracking and its location will be displayed on the map.
  8. When the phone arrives at the destination location (or the tracking timeout occurs), tracking will stop.

Integration options

zapptrack for business includes an API, allowing software developers to integrate it with your existing online ordering systems.

Using the API, you can:

Further information

To find out more, see our FAQs.